Facing Hair Loss on the Crown of the Head

For centuries long hair has been considered a beauty status symbol for women. In ancient times, a lot of effort was put by using natural remedies to keep hair long and glossy. Today, man and women equally are crazy about their hairs with changing trends.

Often hair loss is associated with men’s but now a day, female hair loss has been a common problem and worrisome especially if the hair loss is on top of head.

Many factors add in causing permanent or temporary baldness at crown in women like hereditary condition, aging, medical condition, pregnancy, menopause, thyroid problem and a lot more.

The hair loss that occurs with age is acceptable to some extent but if you are facing hair loss at an early age, it might leave you in a state of consideration. You might want to focus more on your eating habits, emotional stress, hair treatment, the way you habitually stylize and how hygienic you are about your hairs.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, around 40 percent of women will experience hair loss in their lifetimes, which is depressing for the most. The thinning of the hair on the front third of the head is a sign for the beginning of female hair loss usually but sometimes it’s temporary too.

What to do to prevent hair loss? It’s not that easy to point out one specific reason from multiple factors that would be participating in baldness in crown. Every woman almost is prone to Hair dying and coloring at some stage in life, Women is also a child bearer so dealing with health issues and depending on medications also adds up in hair loss. Hormones fluctuation is also common often affecting the follicles.

To boost your hair growth ‘Vitamin A’ plays an important role­­­­­­­; it also recovers your diet deficiency, making skin glands produce sebum, an oily substance to moisturize the scalps resulting in healthy hair. ‘Vitamin B’ known as Biotin is best to cover up the deficiency with hair loss for an excellent outcome. Anaemia, Iron deficiency is also a major cause for hair loss especially common in women, so regular intake of Iron helps in hair growth.

Essential oils are best for the recovery role for hairs loss with minimum side effects. It’s so soothing for mind’s peace­, with a pleasing aroma and multiple benefits. The head and scalp massages with these essential oils reduce stress, generate growth of cell, reduce dandruff, and improve hair speed and strength with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Plucking a hair grows four more in its place, is a study by the University of Southern California, 2015. They accepted the truth of this old idea. You don’t have to try this at home because it’s done in a specialized detailed method.

If Hair loss is something of a concern for you, visit your medical doctor and get a referral to a dermatologist or hair loss specialist. They can assist you in determining treatment options and alternatives.

Need a quick fix for your hair loss. Consider hairpieces. There are several types of hairpieces on the market designed to cover the top of the head to cover thinning areas and anywhere else that you are concerned about. You can view and order hairpieces in synthetic and human hair online at the following link: Hairpieces


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