Wigs for hair loss due to chemo

Cancer is becoming an increasingly common disorder. Along with radiation, the first-line of treatment is chemotherapy with the goal of eradicating rapidly dividing cancer cells. Because hair cells divide so fast, they are easy targets of chemotherapy—causing alopecia or hair loss.

Hair loss often causes a disturbed body image for cancer patients especially for females. Wigs for hair loss due to chemo can be worn to uplift the confidence of a cancer patient. The vast choices of chemotherapy wigs also fosters independence despite of the illness.

Here are some styles of hair loss wigs that are both beautiful and natural-looking:

  1. Full chemotherapy wigs

These are full, complete wigs that look like natural hair. Many wig salons offer customized chemotherapy wigs based on a client’s preference. These can be made with either natural or artificial hair.

The best thing about full wigs is that they can be donated for other cancer patients to use.

Full wigs can be somewhat expensive though, depending on the length and style—and they may not be of use once the hair grows back. Depending on the insurance company, hair loss wigs may be covered with an oncologist’s prescription, often referring to it as “hair prosthetics”.

  • Headband with bangs

If hair is thinning, a headband with bangs will do. The hairline usually sheds or thins first, so wearing a headband with bangs can give the hair a fresh look.

Available online and in wig salons, headbands are cheaper and much easier to maintain than full hair loss wigs.

The downside is that the artificial bangs must be of the same color of the original hair to make it look as natural as possible.

  • Hat with hair

If full chemotherapy wigs are too bothersome, and if headband with bangs are difficult to pull off, perhaps a nice hat with hair can do the trick. There’s no need to worry about matching the natural hair color or cleaning the whole accessory.

Most hats with hair for chemotherapy patients are comfortable, made of breathable materials, and are priced reasonably—even for customized orders. Like full wigs, hats with hair can be donated.

Buying more than one hat is recommended to rotate the styles depending on the occasion, weather and general preference.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 15-25% of cancer patients suffer from depression. Aside from the debilitating effects of the disease, the physical changes brought about by chemotherapy, particularly alopecia, affect the patient’s self-esteem to a significant degree.

Wigs for hair loss due to chemo doesn’t give false hopes, because it serves as inspiration and encouragement for cancer patients. The use of accessories, wigs, prosthetics—or whatever they are called—is often an effective means for cancer patients to deal with their ordeal. This is a coping mechanism that helps boost their self-confidence and promote activities of daily living.


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